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About us

Created in 1999 with a share capital of 1,072,660,000.00 Dinar, the SARL Thang has specialized initially in the transformation of metal including galvanizing, manufacture of tubes of different dimensions and thicknesses (rectangular tube, round, Square), welded lattice, corrugated sheet as well as other ranges. Over the years, the acquired know-how channeled dreams and ambitions and poured out the company in 1988 in the manufacture of trailers. This ambitious realization gave to SARL thang another vocation and this one specialized then in the manufacture of semi-trailers trays, dumpsters and door gears. The studios of SARL Thang are equipped with powerful production chains and high technology giving their productions an international value. The SARL Thang dedicates a team to the technological watch which is a real research and development laboratory. Located in the industrial Zone of Batna on an area of 40000 m2, the SARL thang now has more than 350 employees and has a production capacity of 1800 vehicles per year and 40000 tons of steel. The SARL Thang has faith that the know-how materializes the greatest dreams. The company Thang is convinced that the evaluation of its products will be done by its customers, that is why it makes the satisfaction of the needs of its customers a priority objective.

  • 350


  • 1800

    Vehicles per year

  • 40000

    Tons Of Steel Per Year


For any information concerning the SARLTOUFIK, for any need for advice and expertise concerning our products, do not hesitate to use our contact form or contact us by phone or by email. Email: contact@sarltoufik.com" Phone: : +213(0) 33-22-36-43

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SARL TOUFIK ensures compliance with international standardization ISO 6165 on machinery.

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