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Our quality of reception, the quality of our products and the efficiency of our after-sales service, evaluated by our customers through the surveys deployed on our website. LLC TOUFIC Thanks its customers for their trust and fidelity.

After sales Service
Personalized welcome
Quality of products


Notre parcours a fait de nous des leaders dans le domaine de la transformation de métal. Notre expérience et notre savoir faire sont notre fierté. La confiance et la satisfaction de nos clients sont notre plus grande récompense.

Metal processing

The LLC TOUFIK is the leader in the transformation of metal including galvanizing, manufacture of tubes of different dimensions and thicknesses (rectangular tube, round, square), welded lattice, corrugated sheet as well as other scales.

Manufacture of semi-trailers

LLC TOUFIK specializes in the production of semi-trailers, dumpsters, semi-trailers and gear carriers. Our main concern is to provide you with safe, reliable and profitable products.


Our products are marketed throughout the national territory thanks to our showroom in Algiers, Batna and Oran. Our products are also exported to several foreign countries and are appreciated for their quality and reliability.

After sales Service

LLC TOUFIK offers its customers a dynamic and proactive after-sales service.  Availability of original spare part, a skilled and experienced workforce. LLC TOUFIK is present in Algiers, Batna and Oran.

Personalized welcome

LLC TOUFIK offers a warm and personalized welcome. It offers experts who will accompany you to make the choices that are best suited to your needs. The confidentiality of your projects is guaranteed.

Technology Watch

The technology watch focuses on the innovations of the sector, new technologies and new products. Thanks to our watch service, we always have the essential knowledge to maintain and increase our competitiveness in the market.

Our Product Range

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